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February 16, 2013

bama-hoopsAt 4:00 pm EST The South Carolina Gamecocks basketball team is in Alabama to take on the Crimson Tide. This is an end of regular season matchup that proves to be interesting for the betting faithful. South Carolina is pretty much out of any post season contention whereas Alabama has plans to make a run in the SEC tourney and possibly the Big Dance.

South Carolina is 12-12 this season and just 2-9 in the conference.  They did beat LSU and Arkansas earlier this season but LSU just gained redemption beating S. Carolina 64-46.  The Gamecocks have also lost a bunch of games by a bunch of point this season.  At Florida they were trounced 75-36.

Alabama comes into this game with a 16-8 record and a respectable 8-3 conference record.  They have beaten the likes of Oregon State, Vanderbilt, Georgia, Tennessee and even Kentucky. But they have also lost to Tulane, Mercer and Dayton.

South Carolina scores an average of 67 points per game. Alabama scores an average of 62. Advantage South Carolina. South Carolina allows 68 points per game. Alabama allows only 57. Advantage Alabama. Head to head their last ten games they are about even SU and ATS. That cancels itself out.

With all of this cancelled out information it is going to have to come down to the gut feeling. One thing I do before the lines are even released is make a mock up odds board of my own. I write in the games and then the spread I think that should be issued. Then I imagine people betting on the game, coming up to the counter and placing their bets. What will they do when they see the line? Which way will they go? I thought of the Alabama vs. South Carolina game and issued a spread of 8. I thought about people coming up to bet both ways. One person thinking Alabama will destroy South Carolina and the next picturing South Carolina keeping it close or even winning. Then the actual line is issued and I take it from there.

The line was issued at Alabama -12. This seems high to me and I am guessing that South Carolina should cover this game. My suggestion is taking South Carolina +12. Bet the Gamecocks at Bet Revolution. They have a great interface and bonus for SBA referrals.

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