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The New Orleans Saints haven’t been able to get themselves together through the first three weeks of the season – what better way to jumpstart that process than by throwing them against the maddened Green Bay Packers? Get NFL odds for the Week 4 tilt between Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers today.

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Although losers in each of their first three games this season, the Saints still have 66/1 odds of winning the Super Bowl. Their coaching staff may be gutted, and their defense still feeling the impact of “Bountygate”, but the offensive core that’s led the franchise to 11-plus wins in each of the past three seasons is largely in tact. 

Lined up against the top quarterback in the business, Brees will need to improve upon his 2012 portfolio. The 33-year-old has thrown seven touchdowns this season, but already five interceptions.

For Rodgers and company, life has been rather more pleasant – at least it was until a controversial Week 3 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. NFL oddsmakers certainly didn’t take such a costly replacement referee error into account when deciding the Monday Night Football moneyline and it came back to haunt everyone involved. Everyone but the Seahawks at least.

The contested loss gave the Packers their first blemish of the season, but it’s done little to their NFL futures prospects. In fact, it may have even motivated them to follow through and cash in on their odds of winning the Super Bowl.

Sportsbook Advisor thinks that the Saints will hang in tough and cover the spread.

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Sunday, September 30th, 2012 NFL Betting 2012

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