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Detroit Lions 2012 Odds and Outlook

August 11, 2012

Motor City once again enjoys its Sunday afternoons in the fall. After a number of terrible seasons under the reign of GM Matt Millen, the Detroit Lions returned to the playoffs in 2012 and should make another appearance this season. However, their lack of strength in the defensive secondary could be their undoing.

Thanks to a terrific season by quarterback Matthew Stafford, the Lions started the season on a tear and even though they played much better the first half of the season, they still put the fear into many defenses late in the year. Last season Stafford passed for a career high 41 touchdowns and over 5,000 yards.  

The defense has a strong part of the team with linemen Corey Williams and Ndamukong Suh anchoring the unit. 2011 draft pick Nick Fairly will add depth and make the line as good as any in football. If the players can control their off the field behavior then you should see this team contend for the NFC North and make another appearance in the postseason.

The odds makers are placing the wins for the Lions at 9 for the over/under and they are +500 to win the title in the NFC North. Their odds to take home the Super Bowl title are +2500. The Lions have been placed as favorites in 10 of their first 15 games of the season. Their schedule however, is not easy. They will face the likes of San Francisco, Houston and Philadelphia, besides their regular home and away meetings with division rivals Minnesota, Green Bay and Chicago.

The Lions have much of the same team back this year and a year’s maturity will do wonders for the team. The offense is strong, but the defense is weak outside the line. They should make the playoffs, but will not go far after that.   For more wagering information go to Bovada at

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Saturday, August 11th, 2012 NFL Betting 2012

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