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Green Bay Packers 2012 Outlook

The Green Bay Packers had an excellent regular season in 2011. Last year they lost to the New York Giants and were eliminated from the playoffs after posting a 15-1 regular season record. Most analysts would say they had the best team in the NFL for the entire season and if it were not for an off day by some of their players then they probably would have defeated the Giants.

The offense is where the team excels. Quarterback Aaron Rogers is the best in the NFL and will once again put up huge numbers as he did all of last year. Last year the team averaged 35 points per game on offense and should approach that or pass it this season. 

The team did not add anyone new to the offense because in reality, it has depth at every position. Rodgers, the reigning league MVP is 28 and is starting the prime of his career. He is also considered by many as the best individual player in the game. He has a number of very talented receivers to throw to and an offensive genius in Coach Mike McCarthy. The receiving corps of Donald Driver, Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson will allow Rodgers to pass for as many yards as he did last season if not more. Jermichael Finley at tight end signed a new contract and as long as he stays healthy, he will be a possible All Pro player.

The defense side of the ball needs to give up fewer big plays. However, that is the risk Dom Capers, the defensive coordinator takes with the multidimensional defenses he uses with zone blitzing. Those big plays are often times the result of the blitz and pass rushes not working correctly. Clay Matthews will be 100% again following nagging injuries much of last season. Nick Perry was drafted out of USC to help Matthews if he has problems on defense due to injury. Overall, the defense has no stellar standouts besides Matthews, but when your offense puts 35 points on the board each game, how much defense do you really need.

If Rodgers stays healthy, his offense will be next to unstoppable. The defense should play better than last season. Look for the Packers to be lifting the Vince Lombardi trophy in February for the second time in the last three years. Brought to you by Bet Revolution

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Monday, August 6th, 2012 NFL Betting 2012

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