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College Football Preview: #20 Ohio State Buckeyes

August 06, 2012

Urban Meyer takes over as Head Coach at Ohio State in 2012. The Buckeye’s new coach is a two-time National Championship winner and has four BCS Bowl victories. He returns to his home state to lead the Buckeyes who dropped off to 6-7 a year ago in the wake of their NCAA investigation/probation.

The Buckeyes will not play in a bowl game this year, nor will they be allowed to compete for the Big Ten Championship. So this season is a sort of dry run for next year. This will give Meyer a year to implement his spread offense and tweak it in preparation for 2013.

With sophomore quarterback Braxton Miller, who rushed for 922 yards last year as a freshman, it would seem Meyer has a good candidate to run his spread offense. The spread runs a whole lot better (Tim Tebow) with a run threat at QB than it does (John Brantley) without one. 

However, the QB in the spread must also be a passer. And so far Miller has not shown the ability to do that. He has no clue when it comes to getting rid of the ball. He was sacked an astonishing 36 % of his pass attempts a year ago.

In Spring practice, Meyer called the passing offense “A clown Show”. This tells me two things. One, the passing attack needs a lot of work, and two, Meyer is back. When Meyer is mad, he is very good. The mild-mannered thing does not work for him.

This does however raise another huge question. What about his health? Meyer was so intense at Florida that he gave himself a near heart attack. He and his family were so scared that this event essentially ended his career at Florida where he was building a college football juggernaut. What happens if he gets back to being Mr. Intensity at Ohio State?

These and other questions make the Buckeyes one of college football’s most intriguing stories this season. But for all intents and purposes, the Buckeyes get a freebie this year. This makes them very dangerous.

The Buckeyes return a solid and deep and defense from a year ago, even though that defense gave up a lot of points at times. The defense was put into some bad field position by the inept offense in many cases.

Ohio State has lost four game s in a row and all four losses they also lost against the spread. Their first game this season is against Miami (Ohio). Look for them to break this streak. The Buckeyes haven’t lost to another Ohio School in about 80 years. This won’t be any different. Meyer will have his team ready for the first game. Brought to you by Bet Revolution

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Monday, August 6th, 2012 College Football 2012

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