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It’s College Football Time Again

It’s August 1. You know what that means. It’s time for fall football practice to start. I know, it’s not time for it to “Officially” start yet, but make no mistake, football practice has begun. It’s exactly one month until most teams tee it up against another team. Some will even do that a couple of days earlier.

After an off-season that seemed even longer than most with all the Penn State mess in the news every day, and with former stars like Junior Seau committing suicide and the whole “head injuries/law suits” discussions, it will be great to get back to the games on the field. College football is the greatest game in the land. That does not mean it does not have its negatives. The BCS/post season, the teams who cheat and the NCAA who seems to have no rhyme or reason to what punishments they dish out, the coaches who bolt for the next “dream job” leaving players who cannot freely transfer behind, an in some cases sick fans who take to vandalism all tarnish the sport at times. But there is still no better game in the land.

That is why college football stadiums routinely attract over 100,000 fans to stadiums all over the country while NFL stadiums cover up seats with tarps in 70,000 seat venues. College football is the best game in the land. The bands, the cheerleaders, the student sections, the beautiful small town campus settings, the tailgate parties, the school colors, are all part of the experience that the NFL cannot duplicate. Yes, for all its faults, we love college football.

College football brings out the big upset, the trick plays, the different styles of offenses, the big time special teams star, the iconic coach, and the conference pride. There is nothing better than a college football fall Saturday in a small college town. It’s what we live for. College football season is only a three-month a year event. You have six or maybe seven Saturdays a year when you host a game. That’s it. You have September, October and then November and that’s it. Oh you may have a bowl game in a moth after the season ends in a place way far away from your campus, but games you can go to? You got about six of them.

And then it’s an eight month-long wait. It seems to never end. Oh sure, you have basketball and baseball, and those sports are great. But they aren’t football. The wait is almost over.

We will break down the top 25 teams starting tomorrow right here. One team every day for the next 25 days and then we will be almost ready for games to start. So bookmark this page football fans. It’s football time again.

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Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 College Football Betting 2011

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