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NCAA Basketball: Florida Gators vs. Georgia Bulldogs

Florida's Patric Young
Florida’s Patric Young

The SEC powerhouse Florida Gators take on the Georgia Bulldogs on the 10th of January. As conference play kicks off in full swing, the SEC rivalries are sure to cause some trouble for the Gators. Even though they sit number one in the conference, SEC rivalries can cause major havoc with a team’s position inthe polls.

Florida is ranked just 14th in the poll even though twoof its three losses were to number three ranked teams, Syracuse (now numberone) and Ohio State. Fourth in overall points per game, the Gators are likelyto take the Bulldogs to town. Kenny Boynton has a 50% field goal percentage per game, Will Yeguete shoots 54% and Patric Young is 61% shooting from the floor. Add all of these together and you can see why Florida has a very potent offense.

Georgia on the other hand is completely outmanned against the Gators and will likely play easy victim to Gator’s frontcourt strength and defense. All of their team statistics are very low on the national level. All of the Georgia players are shooting less than 50% per game with most sitting in the 40s. This will not bode well for the Bulldogs. With very little in the way of offensive rebounding, the Bulldogs will have to rely on a high field goal percentage and that is just not going to happen.

A 15 point spread is likely for this game. Georgia will have a very hard time covering the spread no matter how high it is. Florida has reached 20 wins for the past 12 years, the longest streak in the SEC and the fifth longest streak in the nation. Having won 70 games in the last three seasons, Florida remains on top of the SEC. With over 200 three-pointers per season for 14 years, their shooting game is consistently a force to be reckoned with. Taking the Gators to cover the spread would be a sound decision.

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