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Teaser Bet Today

November 06, 2011

We are currently considering playing a teaser on the two Texas games today. We like Houston -10 and Dallas -11 but not enough to actually bet them. So, this brings in a different kind of bet that those of you new to sports betting may not know about. A “Teaser Wager” is where you can adjust the spread on a game. The only catch is that you have to play more than one team and the payout is the same as a straight wager.  So, if you had a “7 Point Teaser” on the games we are talking about you would then have {Houston -3 and Dallas -4}. The money payout may have slightly higher vig, say -130 to win 100.  Both teams must cover to win the bet.  And never get too into teasers because they earned that name for a reason.

Check with your local or international sportsbook to see if they offer teaser wagers. Only play them when it makes sense to, which by our account is very rarely.

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