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Anatomy of a free Pick – Maryland at FSU

In this article we would like to show you how we came about with, or at least part of the reason we came about with tomorrows free pick (Florida State -18).  The game featured is Maryland at Florida State. As you probably know Florida State started the season with high expectations. Maryland, under a new head coach and young players, is definitely in “rebuilding mode”. FSU has been struggling due to injuries and a few other bad breaks, but at heart is still a solid top 25 team.  In fact, in the power poll we release every week they are still number 12 overall.

So here is a list of why we selected FSU -18 for tomorrow.

1. We like them right off the bat.  Here’s Why: Much more powerful team that hasn’t played up to potential getting a good mid-season televised chance to show what they are made of.

2. Public Stats tell us to go for it. As you see below, the number of people that have wagered at this particular source (blue circle) is 7105 by Friday afternoon. This is a big volume game. And as you can also see the public betting is all over Maryland +18 (represented by red circle). We love betting big volume/against the public games.

Florida State vs. Maryland matchup

Point spread and betting numbers for FSU vs. MD


3. Betting Rank – Florida State is still very high on the Betting Rank Poll which we provide every week. This is not a popularity contest like the public polls can sometimes end up being. Instead this poll shows what a team is capable of if hitting on all cylinders.

We at Sportsbook Advisor Blog hope you enjoy your wagering day tomorrow and remember to have fun, bet what you can afford, and Never EVER chase late games.

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Friday, October 21st, 2011 College Football Betting 2011

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